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Giant Golden Gong Sound Healing Workshop 2017-06-17 11:14:32 AM


14th - 16th July 2017 

Gorslwyd Farm Cottages B&B, Tanygroes, Cardigan, SA43 2HZ. 

Places are still available for you to join us at this inspiring residential gong workshop, where you will learn from Bear all that is required to play gongs, give sound journeys and how to use these tools for effective healing.

Everyone attending will have the opportunity of exploring and playing the Giant Golden Gong and how to make mallets and flumi to bring out sounds on their gongs.

Some lovely gongs and gong stands will be available for sale!

The tuition fee is only £100 per person.

There are options for your B&B accomodation, costs are as low as £100 for the duration.

To book, please contact Jenni, or Ali 07751 695588, 01239 810593,

In love 

B x 

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